What after home isolation

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Prepared by: Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of West Bengal
Uncomplicated URTI, Fever, Diarrhea WITHOUT Breathlessness/ Hypoxia

Following parameters should be observed at Home

  1. Temperature
  2. Pulse
  3. Blood pressure
  4. SpO2 ( by pulse oximeter)
  5. Urine output (approximate)
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Preferable Investigations:
CBC, CRP, D-Dimer from day-5 to day-17 at 48 to 96
hours interval, as required, if possible
CBG, Serum Creatinine, ECG : as required

Eligibility Criteria for Home Isolation

1.Mild symptomatic cases or
asymptomatic laboratory
confirmed cases as clinically
assigned by the treating physician
can opt for home isolation
2.Patients should be without any
co-morbidity and less than 50
years of age
3.Such patients should have
adequate facility for self-isolation
(preferably separate room and
toilet) at their residence and also
for quarantine of the family
4.Each patient must be under one
qualified Doctor, who is available
for Teleconsultation, Medical
Care and Guidance 24×7.
5.A care giver, preferably family
member should be available at
their residence to provide care on
24 x 7 basis
6.The patient must agree to
monitor his health. Patient and
the care giver will regularly
inform patient’s health status to
the District Surveillance Team for
further follow up
7.The patient will give an
undertaking of self-isolation
(Annexure) and will follow the

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• Supportive Management
• Mask, Hand Hygiene, Physical distancing, droplet
• IVERMECTIN 12 mg OD for 5 Days
DOXYCYCLINE 100mg BD for 7 days
• PARACETAMOL for fever
• Vitamin C 500 mg twice daily
• Zinc 50 mg per day
• Laxatives (if necessary)
• Supportive treatment for cough, diarrhea etc.
• Steroids should NOT be used routinely in patients
with mild disease.
Warning Signs • SpO2 <95% ( Room Air) • Difficulty in breathing • High grade fever • Persistent Fever for more than7 days • Recurrence of Fever after remission for few days • Palpitations • Chest pain/ tightness • Severe Cough • CRP > 5 times of the Upper Limit of Normal • D-Dimer > 2 times of the Upper Limit of Normal • Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio > 3.13 • Or, as advised by physician specially in High Risk Group

When to Discontinue Home Isolation

  1. After 17 days from the onset of Symptoms
    (10+7) where patient is afebrile for at least
    last 10 days
  2. After 17 days from the date of sampling for
    pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic cases.
    There is no need for repeat testing
    after the home isolation period is over.
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