51 Wake Up Memes That’ll Turn Your Day Around – Funny & Relatable Images

51 Wake Up Memes That’ll Turn Your Day Around

A wake-up meme is a humorous image or captioned picture designed to poke fun at the struggle of waking up early or the challenges of getting out of bed in the morning. These memes often feature relatable scenarios, exaggerated expressions, or witty captions that capture the common experiences and emotions associated with waking up, such as grogginess, reluctance, or the need for coffee. Wake-up memes are widely shared on social media platforms as a way to bond with the shared experience of starting the day.

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Monday wake up meme image

Meme Templates

Me trying to wake up on a Monday morning.

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Ohio meme

When your alarm goes off for the fifth time and you’re ready to destroy it.

Blue smurf cat meme tiktok

51 Wake Up Memes That’ll Turn Your Day Around

51 Wake Up Memes That'll Turn Your Day Around

Cat Meme

Every morning, my cat thinks it’s his job to wake me up.

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“When you’re trying to find your inner peace, but all you can think about is knocking things off the table.”

know your meme

“When you try to sneak healthy food into your cat’s diet…”

kevin james meme

“8 hours of sleep? Try 18.”

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“When you realize your diet isn’t working.”

funny meme image with wake up quotes

“That moment when you’re awake but not ready to admit it.”

Best 51 Wake Up Memes That’ll Turn Your Day Around

morning funny meme

“Before coffee vs. after coffee: the struggle is real.”

funny wake up image quotes

“Trying to convince yourself to get out of bed like…”

Time management funny meme image

funny time management meme cartoon image

“Every morning feels like a battle between me and the snooze button. Spoiler alert: the snooze button usually wins.”

bedroom meme image quotes

“Me every morning: I am one with the bed. I am not getting up.”

health meme funny trademill

“Me, trying to outrun my bad eating habits.”

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ohio meme

“Me, after a ‘grueling’ 5-minute workout.”

Spongebob Meme

Happy Birthday Meme

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“When you promised yourself you’d eat better, but the potato chips were calling your name.”

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“Me at the gym after a long break: ‘I think I can, I think I can…'”

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spongebob meme

“My fridge before New Year’s resolutions vs. after.”

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happy birthday meme

“The eternal struggle.”

Out of office meme

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cat meme

“8 hours of sleep? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

The office meme

the office meme

“My desk on Monday vs. my desk on Friday.”

out of office meme

“When you’re the only one who showed up for the ‘mandatory’ meeting.”