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"Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that originated in the 1980s."

-Bubble Tea-

"It is made by mixing tea, milk, and sugar, and then adding chewy tapioca balls (or "bubbles") to the bottom of the cup. "

-Bubble Tea-

"It is typically served cold with a large straw to allow the drinker to suck up the bubbles as they drink."

-Bubble Tea-

Some variations of bubble tea also include ingredients such as herbal jelly, pudding, or fruit bits.

-Bubble Tea-

"Bubble tea is available in a variety of flavors, including milk tea, green tea, fruit-flavored tea, and slushie forms."

-Bubble Tea-

* Sweetened tea base
*Add-ins such as fruit syrup or milk
*Chewy tapioca pearls 
*Served cold with a fat straw for sucking up the tapioca pearls.

Key Features Of Bubble Tea

Satisfies sweet cravings

Customizable with various flavors

Refreshing taste

Benefits Of Bubble Tea