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Inspiring Guru is a website providing motivational and inspirational status created by Vinod Kashyap. Vinod Kashyap ji himself is a motivational speaker who since 2009 has been continuously inspiring people through Motivational Seminars through his lectures in various institutions. In this website, ideas and utterances of successful people in various fields were provided which will help in giving right direction to life. Links to our other websites and contacts are given below –


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#Good Morning English Good Night English

"A river cut's through a rock not because of its power but its persistence."

#English Blogs Good Morning English

"Motivational & Inspiring Quotes for Good Morning Massages "

#Jokes status

" मुझे लगता है मैं दुबला हो गया हूँ….🤔 देखो ये बरमूड़ा कितना लूज होने लगा है, बार बार पेट से नीचे सरक जाता है… "

#Good Morning Hindi

" Hindi Motivational Song "

#Good Morning Hindi Hindi Blogs

"प्रेरक और ऊर्जावान हिंदी सन्देश सुप्रभात सन्देश भेजने के लिए..."

#Good Night Hindi Others

"सुख में तो, पराया भी,अपना लगता है , दुःख आये, तब अपनों का, पता चलता है " -श्रद्धा विनोद-

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